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Principal Investigators

 AffiliationArea of ExpertisePhoneEmail
Russell J. Schmitt (Lead PI) UC Santa Barbara
Population dynamics of fishes & invertebrates
805-893-2051 [email]
Robert Carpenter (Co-PI) CSU Northridge
Coral Reef trophodynamics and productivity
818-677-3256 [email]
Peter Edmunds (Co-PI) CSU Northridge
Physiological ecology of stony corals
818-677-2502 [email]
Sally Holbrook (Co-PI) UC Santa Barbara
Community ecology of fishes
805-893-3956 [email]


Tom Adam UC Santa Barbara
Resilience of coral reef communities
805 893 7625 [email]
Alice Alldredge UC Santa Barbara
Zooplankton Ecology
805-893-3997 [email]
Giacomo Bernardi UC Santa Cruz
Population genetics of fishes
831-459-5124 [email]
Cherie Briggs UC Santa Barbara
Theoretical ecology and systems biology
805-893-2199 [email]
Andrew Brooks UC Santa Barbara
Community ecology of fishes
805-893-7670 [email]
Deron Burkepile UC Santa Barbara
Community ecology of coral reefs
805-893-3067 [email]
Craig Carlson UC Santa Barbara
Marine microbial ecology / organic cycling
805-893-2541 [email]
Ruth Gates U Hawaii / HIMB
Population genetics of coral and symbionts
808-236-7420 [email]
Mark Hay Georgia Tech
Coral ecology
404-894-8429 [email]
Jim Hench Duke University
Shallow water physical oceanography
650-759-6639 [email]
Gretchen Hofmann UC Santa Barbara
Ecological physiology of marine invertebrates
805-893-6175 [email]
James Leichter UC San Diego
Physical - biological coupling
858-822-5330 [email]
Hunter Lenihan UC Santa Barbara
Marine stressor - demography linkages
805-893-8629 [email]
Stephane Maritorena UC Santa Barbara
Remote sensing of coral reefs & ocean waters
805-893-4308 [email]
Craig Nelson U Hawaii / HIMB
Marine microbial ecology and organic cycling
808-956-0566 [email]
Roger Nisbet UC Santa Barbara
Ecological modeling
805-893-7115 [email]
Hollie Putnam U Rhode Island
Coral ecophysiology
808-554-1462 [email]
Rob Toonen U Hawaii / HIMB
Biogeographic patterns with genetics
808-236-7401 [email]
Rebecca Vega-Thurber Oregon State
Environmental microbiology
541-737-1851 [email]
Libe Washburn UC Santa Barbara
Physical oceanography & modeling
805-893-7367 [email]

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Andrew Brooks UC Santa Barbara
Deputy Program Director
and Science Coordinator
805-893-7670 [email]
M. Gastil-Buhl UC Santa Barbara
Information Manager
805-893-2071 [email]

Post Doctoral Associates & Researchers

 AffiliationArea of ExpertiseEmail
Mohsen Kayal UC Santa Barbara
Coral demographics
Erik Muller UC Santa Barbara
Modeling: ecological & dynamic energy budget

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Graduate Students

 Campus  Research TopicAdvisor
Dana Cook Duke University
rschmitt [email]
Sammy Davis UC Santa Barbara
Coral reef ecology &
Graduate Student Network Representative
rschmitt [email]
Melissa Duvall Duke University
Interactions between reef topography and hydrodynamics
jhench [email]
Corinne Fuchs UC Santa Barbara
dburkepile [email]
Heather Hillard CSU Northridge
Macroalgae as a refuge from OA effects for juvenile corals
rcarpenter [email]
Mark Ladd UC Santa Barbara
Incorporating ecological processes into coral reef restoration
dburkepile [email]
Beth Lenz U Hawaii
Coral ecophysiology
rgates [email]
Carolina Mor CSU Northridge
Synergistic effects of light and temperature with OA on calcification and metabolism of Halimeda
rcarpenter [email]
Mallory Rice UC Santa Barbara
dburkepile [email]
Bridget Shayka CSU Northridge
OA and nutrient effects on calcifying algae
rcarpenter [email]
Jennifer Smolenski CSU Northridge
Effects of light spectra on coral ecophysiology
pedmunds [email]
Emilia "Maggie" Sogin U Hawaii
Communication pathways between corals
and endosymbionts
rgates [email]
Kelly Speare UC Santa Barbara
dburkepile [email]
Stella Swanson UC Santa Barbara
Coral reef trophodynamics / productivity
rschmitt [email]
Eric Tong U Hawaii
Marine biodiversity and genetics
rtoonen [email]
Walter Torres Duke University
3D circulation and wave modeling around Moorea
jhench [email]
Lauren Valentino CSU Northridge
Effects of OA on bioerosion of corals by Lithophaga
rcarpenter [email]
Brett Banka UC Santa Barbara
sholbrook [email]
Erin Winslow UC Santa Barbara
Coral community dynamics
hlenihan [email]
Alex Yarid CSU Northridge
Effects of damage and ocean acidification on scleractinian corals
pedmunds [email]
Sigfrido Zimmermann CSU Northridge
pedmunds [email]

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Technical Staff

Chris Gotschalk UC Santa Barbara
Oceanographic Data Analsyis
Vincent Moriarty CSU Northridge
Field Technician
818-677-4335 [email]
Katrina Munsterman UC Santa Barbara
Field Technician
Keith Seydel UC Santa Barbara
Lead Field Technician
805-893-3104 [email]
Juliette Verstaen UC Santa Barbara
Field Technician
805-893-3116 [email]

Current Collaborators

 AffiliationArea of Expertise
Tom Adam UC Santa Barbara
Marine microbial ecology and organic cycling
Scott Bainbridge Australian Institute
of Marine Science
Coral reef sensor networks
Marissa Baskett UC Davis
Ecological modeling
Tung-Yung "Tony" Fan National Museum of
Marine Biology and
Aquarium (Taiwan)
Coral reef sensor networks
Melanie Fewings U of Connecticut
Physical oceanography & modeling
Tony Fountain SDSC / CalIT2
Sensor Network Middleware
Erik Franklin U Hawaii / HIMB
Coral reef ecology & informatics
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez UC Santa Barbara
Biological oceanography
David Jacobs UC Los Angeles
Coral reef paleontology
Geoff Jones James Cook University
Ecology of reef fishes
Michel Kulbiki Institut de Recherche
pour le Developpement
(IRD) (France)
Ecology of Reef Fishes
Matthieu Leray Smithsonian,
Post-Doctoral Scholar
Genomics of coral reef organisms
Fang-Pang Lin National Center for
High-speed Computing
Coral reef sensor networks
Sally MacIntyre UC Santa Barbara
Hydrodynamics & ecosystem ecology
Vanessa Messmer James Cook University
Ecology of reef fishes
Chris Meyer Smithsonian
Genomics of coral reef organisms
Phil Munday James Cook University
Ecology of reef fishes
Margaret O'Brien SBC-LTER
Information Management
Serge Planes CRIOBE (France)
Genomics of coral reef organisms
Johanna Rosman UNC Chapel Hill
Shallow water physical oceanography
Wade Sheldon GCE-LTER
Information Management
Steeve Comeau CSU Northridge
Post-Doctoral Scholar
NSF Ocean Acidification Project
Mark Steele CSU Northridge
Ecology of marine fishes
Susan Williams UC Davis / BML
Nutrient dynamics in reef environments


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