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Retired Investigators (Emeriti)

 Campus  Area of EmphasisEmail
Joseph Connell UC Santa Barbara
Community ecology

Former Post-Doctoral Scholars

 Campus  Area of EmphasisEmail
Ricardo Beldade UC Santa Cruz
Genetic structure of natural fish populations
and otolith elemental fingerprinting
Zac Forsman U Hawaii
Coral barcoding and biodiversity surveys
Jonathan Fram UC Santa Barbara
Anderson Mayfield UC Santa Barbara
Craig Nelson UC Santa Barbara
Marine microbial ecology and organic cycling
Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino UC Santa Barbara
Field studies on coral reproduction and
ocean acidification in marine invertebrate and algae
Michelle Phillips U Hawaii / HIMB
Environmental genomics
Xavier Pochon U Hawaii / HIMB
Microeukaryote ecology
Michael Stat U Hawaii / HIMB
Microeukaryote symbiosis
Hannah Stewart UC Santa Barbara
Ecology and phycology
of coral reef ecosystems
Alex Wyatt UC San Diego / Scripps IO
Coral reef oceanography, biogeochemistry & trophodynamics
Denise Yost U Hawaii
Population genetics of coral and symbionts

Graduate Student Alumni

 Campus  Research TopicAdvisorEmail
Gerick Bergsma UC Santa Barbara
Community ecology
sholbrook [email]
Amy Briggs CSU Northridge
Effects of light on calcification responses to OA by crustose coralline algae
rcarpenter [email]
Anya Brown CSU Northridge
Coral reef ecology
rcarpenter [email]
Darren Brown CSU Northridge
Ocean acidification
& coral physiology
pedmunds [email]
Kate Buenau UC Santa Barbara
Modeling of coral reef ecosystems
rnisbet [email]
Caitlin Cameron CSU Northridge
Coral reef trophodynamics & productivity
pedmunds [email]
Nicolas Colvard CSU Northridge
Physiological ecology of stony corals
pedmunds [email]
Aaron Dufault CSU Northridge
Coral larvae & climate change
pedmunds [email]
Robin Elahi CSU Northridge
Scleractinian coral
growth and physiology
Ananda Ellis CSU Northridge
Coral larval settlement preference under OA conditions
pedmunds [email]
Nicolas Evensen CSU Northridge
Ocean acidification & coral ecology
pedmunds [email]
William Goldenheim CSU Northridge
Coral ecophysiology
pedmunds [email]
Jenny Gowan CSU Northridge
Coral reef ecology
rcarpenter [email]
Daniel Green CSU Northridge
Coral recruitment
pedmunds [email]
Xueying Han (Shirley) UC Santa Barbara
Marine population and community dynamics
rschmitt [email]
Kate Hanson UC San Diego / Scripps IO
Biological oceanography
jleichter [email]
Maureen Ho CSU Northridge
Responses of macroalgae to OA and the implications for altered competitive outcomes with corals
rcarpenter [email]
Lianne Jacobson CSU Northridge
Coral energy budget & physiology
pedmunds [email]
Andrea Jani UC Santa Barbara
cbriggs [email]
Michele Johnson UC Santa Barbara
Coral reef ecology
rschmitt [email]
Maggie Johnson CSU Northridge
Coral reef trophodynamics / productivity
rcarpenter [email]
Cori Kane UC Santa Barbara
Coral reef ecology
Jennifer Lape UC Santa Barbara
Coral reef ecology
Mairead Maheigan CSU Northridge
Scale dependency of
phenotypic plasticity in reef corals
Nancy Muehllehner CSU Northridge
Effect of pCO2 on coral
pedmunds [email]
Jessica Nielsen UC Santa Barbara
Abigail Poray CSU Northridge
Coral reef productivity
rcarpenter [email]
Nichole Price UC Santa Barbara
Ecology of stoney corals
rschmitt [email]
Emily Rivest UC Santa Barbara
Ocean acidification and ecological physiology
ghofmann [email]
Melissa Spitler CSU Northridge
rcarpenter [email]
Stephanie Talmage CSU Northridge
Jesse Tootell CSU Northridge
Population dynamics of herbivorous fishes
msteele [email]
Chris Wall CSU Northridge
Ocean acidification and coral physiology
rgates [email]
Annie Yau UC Santa Barbara
Population ecology / fisheries management
hlenihan1 [email]
Sylvia Zamudio CSU Northridge
Temperature acclimatization in tropical corals
pedmunds [email]


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