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Cherie Briggs


Campus: UC Santa Barbara

Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9620

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Theoretical ecology and systems biology

Only publications of MCR-LTER funded research are listed here.
Only Signature, Core, and Long-Term Timeseries datasets are listed here.
Category Project Activity Link Abstract Link
LTER Core Research Area Populations A population is a group of organisms of the same species. Like canaries in the coalmine, changes in populations of organisms can be important indicators of environmental changes. more
LTER Core Research Area Disturbance Disturbances often shape ecosystems by periodically reorganizing or destroying them, allowing for significant changes in plant and animal populations and communities. more
MCR Core Activity Ecological Modeling and Synthesis Quantitative modeling approaches are being developed to address our focus on the biological basis for variation in performance of stony corals; additionally, a collaborative meta-analysis project has been initiated.
Research Theme Reef Resistance and Resilience In general there are two contrasting attributes of an ecosystem with respect to external drivers: 1) resistance, the amount of external forcing a system can absorb without a qualitative change and 2) resilience, the tendency of a system to return to its previous state after a perturbation. Resilience in particular is a major MCR research focus because Moorea recently was subjected to a pulse disturbance, an outbreak of the crown-of-thorns seastar, that killed most living coral on the fore reef.
MCR-LTER Working Group Modeling and Synthesis MCR has a diverse range of projects that focus on the physiology and population dynamics of corals and organisms with which they interact, on ecosystem processes on and near coral reefs, and on the physical environment. We are developing a unified body of theory and a suite of models that can support individual projects and (more importantly) contribute to synthesis.


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