Visit the new, 900 gallon Coral Reef Exhibit at the REEF

The Research Experience & Education Facility (The REEF) is an interactive aquarium maintained by the Marine Science Institute at UCSB.  The REEF provides educational tours for K-16 students and community groups, and sees over 20,000 visitors each year.  A 900 gallon aquarium tank now showcases coral reefs and the research being done by the MCR LTER. 


Using this exhibit, guides are able to incorporate a comparison between coral reef and temperate rocky reef ecosystems into their educational tours.  Students can compare the animals from these two habitats, observe the baby sharks, and hold sea urchins.  In addition to the knowledgeable REEF staff, visitors during weekend “Open Door” hours are also able to read about organisms and research being done in Moorea from nearby Fun Fact cards and posters.  Tours build upon topics introduced in lessons developed by MCR LTER Education and Outreach staff and provide a hands-on feature to their science curriculum. To learn about scheduling a tour at the REEF, click here.


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