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The MARINE LIFE of MOOREA is made possible thanks to the generous support of the following partners:

LTER, NSF, MSI, ATITIA, GUMP Research Section, CRIOBE, UCSB, CSU Northridge

An outreach and education product from UCSB's Marine Science Institute and The Ocean Channel.

Coordination Team
Education Co-Ordinator: Ali Whitmer, UCSB
Science Co-Ordinator: Andy J. Brooks, UCSB
Project Manager: Michael Hanrahan, The Ocean Channel

Web Development Team:
Web Architect: Nikola Micev, Webthink International
Programming: Nikola Kovachevski, Webthink International

Video and Photography:
Videographers: Eric Henningsen & Michael Hanrahan
Photographer: Matthew Meier
Editors: Shannon Dybvig & Ricardo Lopez