Moorea Oceanographic & Atmospheric Data
This online resource displays real-time conditions at Gump Station on Moorea, French Polynesia. Users can view and graph atmospheric and marine trends over daily, weekly, and monthly time scales.
UCSB’s Marine Science Institute education website, with contact information for making REEF tour reservations. The REEF features a Moorea Coral Reef LTER exhibit, and tours provide a comparison between the coral reef and local temperate rocky reef ecosystems.
Monitor coral reef biodiversity and help promote change in an unhealthy reef as you learn about coral reef conservation through the virtual world of WhyVille.
Teachers Page
A resource of NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program with coral reef lesson plans.
Students Page
A resource of NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary Program with fun games and activities.
MacGillivray Freeman Coral Reef Adventure Film website
Information and supplementary lesson plans to go along with the film.
NOAA’s Ocean Explorers
NOAA’s Ocean Explorers program offers educational materials for students and teachers.
NOAA’s National Ocean Service
An overview of coral reef conservation and research. Provides coral reef background and lesson plans, including tutorials on the biology of and threats to corals, and activities on coral bleaching and reef management using sea surface temperature data.
NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch
Remote Sensing and Coral Reef curriculum. Topics include altimetry, phytoplankton and ocean color, symbiosis and coral anatomy, sea surface temperature and coral bleaching, and conservation.
Teacher’s Domain
Lessons plans include interesting videos, interactive games, pictures and audio clips.
The Other C02 Problem
This animated movie, made by children ages 11-15, illustrates the issue of ocean acidification.
Marine Photobank
The Marine Photobank is a visual resource that has galvanized people from all over the planet to collect, share and download marine photos, images and graphics that shed light on how humans have affected life in the ocean.

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