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LTER Network Databases

The LTER Network Office (LNO) maintains the following databases to which MCR LTER contributes as required of each LTER site.

Site Database (SiteDB)

The network office maintains reference information about all 26 LTER sites. Information is presented in a uniform format for each site, called a 'site profile'. This information at Site DB can also be accessed directly by hoving your mouse over the LTER logo logo to the left of this website.

Bibliographic Database

The LNO maintains an LTER All-Site Bibliography of all publications, searchable by site, author, year, title, publisher or reference type. At MCR we synchronize our local database of citations to match the Network Office.

Personnel Database

Personal profiles for the more than 1800 scientists and students registered with one of the 26 sites or othewise affiliated with the LTER Network are searchable in the LTER Directory. Each LTER site's information manager keeps track of mail lists for their site, using the Network Office's personnel database. Individuals can update their own information. MCR maintains a separate local database of personnel.

Climate and Hydrology Database Projects (Clim/Hydro DB)

Clim/Hydro DB is a centralized server providing open access to long-term meteorological and steamflow records from a collection of research sites, including LTER sites. Clim/Hydro DB is migrating to the Network Office in 2010.

MCR contributes meteorologic data monthly to ClimDB as daily aggregate values queried from our near-real-time data stream in the Digital Moorea system.

Data Catalog (Metacat)

metacat logo "Data are one of the most valuable products of the LTER program. The LTER Network seeks to inform the LTER and broader scientific community by creating well designed and well documented databases and to provide fast, effective, and open access to LTER data via a network-wide information system designed to facilitate data exchange and integration. Currently, the LTER Data Portal contains entries for over 6000 ecological datasets from 26 LTER Network research sites. " -- LTER Network Office

MCR stores metadata for all public datasets in the LNO Metacat and retrieves from that catalog to display our web pages.

EcoTrends Data Portal
EcoTrends is an LTER Network Cross-Site synthesis project to which MCR contributes several datasets. Because a time-series must have a minimum of 10 years, legacy data were made available from the MCR site prior to its inception as an LTER site in 2004. These datasets are updated annually.
Remote Sensing Archive

LTER Network maintains a Remote Sensing Archive of spatial data acquired for research projets and activities within the LTER Network. Currently no image data from MCR are listed. MCR was not yet an LTER site at the time of the initial data acquisitions and NASA projects. However, MCR received a collection of Landsat (ETM, L7, and MSS) image data from the network office in 2010 which we offer in our data catalog as reference type datasets knb-lter-mcr.6002, 6003, 6004, respectively.

Media Gallery (Photo Albums and Graphics)

The LNO collected images from each site to offer in an online LTER Media Gallery. As well as photographs from each site, group pictures from meetings and the official NSF and LTER logos are available. These images are used by the news media and by NSF for outreach.


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