Principal Investigator

Affiliation Areas of Research Phone Email
Russell J. Schmitt UC Santa Barbara Population dynamics of fishes and invertebrates 805 893-2051 Email

Co-Principal Investigators

Affiliation Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Robert Carpenter CSU Northridge Coral reef metabolism, ocean acidification 818 677-3256 Email
Peter Edmunds CSU Northridge Coral reef ecology, coral ecopohysiology 818 677-2502 Email
Sally Holbrook UC Santa Barbara Community ecology of fishes 805 893-3956 Email


Affiliation Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Tom Adam UC Santa Barbara Community ecology of coral reefs 805 893-7625 Email
Alice Alldredge UC Santa Barbara (Emerita) Zooplankton ecology 805 893-3997 Email
Giacomo Bernardi UC Santa Cruz Population genetics of fishes 831 459-5124 Email
Cherie Briggs UC Santa Barbara Theoretical ecology and systems biology 805 893-2199 Email
Andrew Brooks UC Santa Barbara Population and community ecology of reef fishes 805 893-7670 Email
Deron Burkepile UC Santa Barbara Community ecology of coral reefs 805 893-3067 Email
Craig Carlson UC Santa Barbara Marine microbial ecology / organic cycling 805 893-2541 Email
Ruth Gates U Hawaii / HIMB Population genetics of coral and symbionts 808 236-7420 Email
Mark Hay Georgia Institute of Technology Chemical Ecology, Reef Ecology, Consumer-Prey Interactions 404 894-8429 Email
Jim Hench Duke University Shallow water physical oceanography 650 759-6639 Email
James Leichter UC San Diego Physical - biological coupling 858 822-5330 Email
Hunter Lenihan UC Santa Barbara Marine stressor - demography linkages 805 893-8629 Email
Stephane Maritorena UC Santa Barbara Remote sensing of coral reefs & ocean waters 805 893-4308 Email
Craig Nelson U Hawaii / HIMB Marine microbial ecology and organic cycling 808 956-0566 Email
Roger Nisbet UC Santa Barbara Ecological modeling 805 893-7115 Email
Hollie Putnam University of Rhode Island Coral ecophysiology and epigenetics 401 874-9510 Email
Rob Toonen U Hawaii / HIMB Biogeographic patterns with genetics 808 236-7401 Email
Rebecca Vega-Thurber Oregon State University Environmental microbiology 541 737-1851 Email
Libe Washburn UC Santa Barbara Coastal physical oceanography 805 893-7367 Email

Post Doctoral Associates & Researchers

Affiliation Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Steve Doo CSU Northridge Ecophysiology of calcifying organisms, coral reef metabolism Email
Caitlin Fong CSU Northridge Benthic community ecology Email
Mohsen Kayal UC Santa Barbara Coral community resilience Email
Erik Muller UC Santa Barbara Modeling: ecological & dynamic energy budget Email
Chiara Pisapia CSU Northridge Drivers of coral reef recovery after disturbance Email
Andy Shantz UC Santa Barbara Impacts of nutrients on coral reef mutualisms Email
Georgios Tsounis CSU Northridge Community ecology of corals Email

Information & Data Management

Affiliation Role Phone Email
Gastil Gastil-Buhl UC Santa Barbara MCR Information and Data Manager 805 893-2071 Email
Chris Gotschalk UC Santa Barbara Oceanographic data analsyis 406 314-1046 Email

Education and Outreach

Affiliation Role Phone Email
Andrew Brooks UC Santa Barbara Education and Outreach Coordinator 805 893-7670 Email
Dana Cook UC Santa Barbara Development of educational and outreach materials Email
Sammy Davis UC Santa Barbara Educational research development 805 893-7472 Email

Graduate Students

Affiliation Research Topic Advisor Email
Brett Banka UC Santa Barbara Coral reef community ecology Sally Holbrook Email
Jesse Bergman CSU Northridge Peter Edmunds Email
Melissa Duvall Duke University Interactions between reef topography and hydrodynamics Jim Hench Email
Corinne Fuchs UC Santa Barbara Impacts of local anthropogenic stressors on coral reef community structure and resilience Deron Burkepile Email
Anna James UC Santa Barbara Microbial Oceanography Craig Carlson Email
Erika Johnston University of Hawaii Mechanisms structuring scleractinian coral populations Rob Toonen Email
Grace Klinges Oregon State University Mapping biogeographic variation of the coral holobiont Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Mark Ladd UC Santa Barbara Understanding the important drivers of coral reef community recovery. Deron Burkepile Email
Becca Maher Oregon State University Impacts of environmental stressors on coral-microbe interactions Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Josh Manning CSU Northridge Impacts of ocean acidification on marine organisms Robert Carpenter Email
Sarah Merolla CSU Northridge Effects of ocean acidification and water flow on coralline algae Robert Carpenter Email
Adriana Messyasz Oregon State University Role of viruses in coral health, disease, and biogeochemical cycling Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Kyle Neumann UC Santa Barbara Nutrient dynamics in kelp forests and coral reef ecosystems. Deron Burkepile Email
Lansing Perng CSU Northridge Interactive effects of OA and fleshy algal associations on coralline algae Robert Carpenter Email
Ashley Potter CSU Northridge Peter Edmunds Email
Krissy Remple University of Hawaii Microbial oceanography Craig Nelson Email
Mallory Rice UC Santa Barbara Effects of environmental stressors on the physiology and ecology of calcifying organisms. Deron Burkepile Email
Jayslen Serrano CSU Northridge Effects of ocean acidification on coral reef interactions Robert Carpenter Email
Bridget Shayka CSU Northridge Anthropogenic impacts on coral reef algae Robert Carpenter Email
Alicia Siravo CSU Northridge Coral reef ecophysiology Robert Carpenter Email
Kelly Speare UC Santa Barbara Effects of anthropogenic stressors on coral recruitment and juvenile coral survival. Deron Burkepile Email
Daniel Sternberg CSU Northridge Reproductive and demographic ecology of scleractinians Peter Edmunds Email
Eric Tong U Hawaii Marine biodiversity and genetics Rob Toonen Email
Walter Torres Duke University 3D circulation and wave modeling around Moorea Jim Hench Email
Arien Widrick CSU Northridge Effects of macroalgae on young life stages of coral Peter Edmunds Email
Erin Winslow UC Santa Barbara Coral community dynamics Hunter Lenihan Email
Sigfrido Zimmermann CSU Northridge Peter Edmunds Email

Field and Laboratory Technicians

Affiliation Role Phone Email
Sam Ginther CSU Northridge Coral reef ecology/Ocean acidification Email
Kaitlyn Landfield UC Santa Barbara Reef nutrient dynamics Email
Katrina Munsterman UC Santa Barbara Coral reef ecology/Nutrient dynamics 805 893-2009 Email
Emily Schmeltzer Oregon State University Coral microbial ecology Email
Keith Seydel UC Santa Barbara MCR Lead Technician/Diving Safety Officer 805 893-3104 Email
Megan Vaughan CSU Northridge Ocean acidification Email
Juliette Verstaen UC Santa Barbara Physical and biological oceanography 805 893-3116 Email

Current Collaborators

Affiliation Areas of Expertise Phone Email
Jake Allgeier University of Michigan Role of fish derived nutrients in coral reef ecosystems Email
Scott Bainbridge Australian Institute of Marine Science Coral reef sensor networks
Marissa Baskett UC Davis Ecological modeling Email
Steeve Comeau University of Western Australia Impacts of climate change on calcium carbonate budgets of coral reefs Email
Ross Cunning University of Miami Coral symbiosis ecology and modelling 305 421-4357 Email
Tung-Yung "Tony" Fan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Taiwan) Coral reef sensor networks
Melanie Fewings U of Connecticut Physical oceanography & modeling 860 405-9080 Email
Tony Fountain SDSC / CalIT2 Sensor Network Middleware
Erik Franklin U Hawaii / HIMB Coral reef ecology & informatics 808 236-7466 Email
Dan Holstein Duke University Population connectivity modeling 252 504-7636 Email
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez UC Santa Barbara Biological oceanography 805 893-4680 Email
David Jacobs UC Los Angeles Coral reef paleontology
Geoff Jones James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Michel Kulbiki Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD) (France) Ecology of Reef Fishes
Matthieu Leray Smithsonian, Post-Doctoral Scholar Genomics of coral reef organisms
Fang-Pang Lin National Center for High-speed Computing (Taiwan) Coral reef sensor networks
Sally MacIntyre UC Santa Barbara Hydrodynamics & ecosystem ecology 805 893-3951 Email
Vanessa Messmer James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Chris Meyer Smithsonian Genomics of coral reef organisms
Phil Munday James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Margaret O'Brien UC Santa Barbara SBC-LTER Information Manager 805 893-2071 Email
Serge Planes CRIOBE (France) Genomics of coral reef organisms
Emily Rivest UC Santa Barbara Ocean acidification and ecological physiology 804 684-7942 Email
Johanna Rosman UNC Chapel Hill Shallow water physical oceanography
Wade Sheldon University of Georgia GCE-LTER Information Manager 706 542-5955 Email
Mark Steele CSU Northridge Ecology of marine fishes 818 677-3340 Email
Susan Williams UC Davis Nutrient dynamics in reef environments 707 875-1950 Email