Post Doctoral Associates & Researchers

Affiliation Areas of Research Advisor Email
Kalia Bistolas Oregon State University The interface between viruses, their coral and microbial hosts, and human-driven changes in marine nutrient regimes. Rebecca Vega-Thurber
Alexandra Brown UC Santa Barbara Holly Moeller Email
Cody Clements Georgia Institute of Technology How local and global changes reshape ecological interactions and the implications of these changes for ecosystem function and management. Mark Hay Email
Leila Ezzat UC Santa Barbara/Oregon State University Impacts of anthropogenic forcing on trophic interactions in coral reef ecosystems Deron Burkepile Email
Erika Johnston Florida State University The role of plasticity in Pocillopora corals Scott Burgess Email
Rowan McLachlan Oregon State University Effects of nutrients and herbivory on coral physiology and microbiome dynamics. Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Ferdinand Pfab UC Santa Barbara Modeling biological systems: infections, evolution and population dynamics. Roger Nisbet Email
Kelly Speare UC Santa Barbara Effects of anthropogenic stressors on coral recruitment and juvenile coral survival. Deron Burkepile Email
Jean Wencelius San Diego State University Cultural anthropologist specializing in the field of human ecology Email