Graduate Students

Affiliation Areas of Research Advisor Email
Danielle Becker University of Rhode Island Impacts of local and global anthropogenic stressors on coral reef resilience. Hollie Putnam Email
Stephanie Bilodeau Georgia Institute of Technology Spatial ecology and species interactions on coral reefs Mark Hay Email
Noe Castenada UC Santa Barbara Morphological and behavioral variation in feeding interactions of reef fishes Deron Burkepile Email
Alyssa Cohen CSU Northridge Robert Carpenter Email
Dennis Conetta University of Rhode Island Hollie Putnam Email
Dana Cook UC Santa Barbara Effects of spatial heterogeneity in browsing on coral reef community and dynamics. Russell J. Schmitt Email
Olivia Diehl CSU Northridge Robert Carpenter Email
Lauren Enright UC Santa Barbara Deron Burkepile Email
Jordan Gallagher UC Santa Barbara Effects of anthropogenic nutrients on macroalgal performance and reef resilience Sally Holbrook Email
Olivia Isbell UC Santa Barbara Deron Burkepile Email
Nicholas Jeffress Duke University Moorea/Tetiaroa circulation and wave modeling Jim Hench Email
Kai Kopecky UC Santa Barbara Disturbance dynamics and coral community reassembly Russell J. Schmitt Email
Scott Miller Florida State University Andrew Rassweiler Email
Nury Molina UC Santa Barbara Role of herbivorous fish in promoting coral reef resilience. Deron Burkepile Email
Kyle Neumann UC Santa Barbara Nutrient dynamics in kelp forests and coral reef ecosystems. Deron Burkepile Email
Julianna Renzi UC Santa Barbara Deron Burkepile Email
Emily Schmeltzer Oregon State University Coral microbial ecology Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Kaela Tyler CSU, Northridge Robert Carpenter Email
Jacey Van Wert UC Santa Barbara Ecophysiology, icthyology, marine ecology, anthropogenic effects Erika Eliason Email
Alex Vompe Oregon State University The association between environmental stressors and phase shifts in corals and their microbiomes Rebecca Vega-Thurber Email
Madison Willert Georgia Institute of Technology Coral reef biology, climate change, ecology Mark Hay Email