Affiliation Areas of Research Email
Jake Allgeier University of Michigan Role of fish derived nutrients in coral reef ecosystems Email
Alessandro Capra Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia Photogrammetry of coral reefs Email
Steeve Comeau University of Western Australia Impacts of climate change on calcium carbonate budgets of coral reefs Email
Ross Cunning Shedd Aquarium Coral symbiosis ecology and modelling Email
Mary Donovan Arizona State University Applied coral reef ecology Email
Jose Eirin-Lopez Florida International University The study of marine environmental epigenetics using molecular, ecological and toxicological approaches. Email
Armin Gruen ETH-Zurich Photogrammetric extraction of objects from aerial and satellite images. Email
Dan Holstein Luisiana State University Empirical marine ecology and ecological modeling Email
Geoff Jones James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Linda Wegley Kelly San Diego State University Responses of the coral holobiont to changes due to local and global stressors. Email
Matthew Lauer San Diego State University Resilience and vulnerability of coastal communities to climate change and natural disasters Email
Matthieu Leray Smithsonian Tropical Reserach Institute The use of experimental and metagenomics approaches to understand how species interactions structure natural communities on coral reefs. Email
Fabio Menna FBK - Bruno Kessler Foundation Underwater photogrammetry Email
Vanessa Messmer James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Chris Meyer Smithsonian Institution Genomics of coral reef organisms Email
Erik Muller Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology Modeling: ecological & dynamic energy budget Email
Phil Munday James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Kerry Nickols CSU Northridge Spatial dynamics of coastal marine organisms as they are affected by physical processes and anthropogenic influences. Email
Erica Nocerino Università degli Studi di Sassari Underwater photogrammetry Email
Margaret O'Brien UC Santa Barbara SBC-LTER Information Manager Email
Craig Osenberg University of Georgia Reef fish ecology, assessment and design of MPAs Email
Serge Planes CRIOBE (France) Genomics of coral reef organisms Email
Steven Roberts University of Washington Characterizing physiological response of aquatic species to environmental change Email
Johanna Rosman UNC Chapel Hill Environmental Fluid Mechanics / Physical Oceanography Email
Andy Shantz Pennsylvania State University Impacts of nutrients on coral reef mutualisms Email
Andrew Thurber Oregon State University The impact of metazoan diet on biogeochemical processes mediated by archaea and bacteria. Email
Matthias Troyer MIcrosoft Corporation High performance computing and quantum computing, simulations of quantum devices and island ecosystems. Email