The Coral Reefs of Moorea Education is an educational resource of the Moorea Coral Reef Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) program. A website was created in an effort to inform students and the public about the ocean, corals reefs, and the research of the MCR LTER program. An exciting feature of this website is the Marine Life of Moorea Encyclopedia, where visitors can learn about the organisms that make up Moorea’s coral reef ecosystem. Our Lesson Plan Library contains FREE standards-based curricula available for download that focus on the coral reef ecosystem and current MCR LTER research. These hands-on activities are a great way for educators to teach Life Science and Investigation content standards in their classrooms.

Undergraduate students at universities affiliated with the MCR LTER have the opportunity to get hands-on research experience in the lab and in the field. Check out the Undergraduate Education page for more information.

Many of the important discoveries made by MCR LTER scientists are the result of graduate student research. Our Graduate Education page describes some of the exciting projects being conducted by MCR LTER graduate students.