How to obtain MCR LTER publications

Publication of MCR LTER site data and findings in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, conference proceedings and graduate student theses and dissertations represents one of the principal modes by which MCR LTER site science is made available to both the scientific community and the larger, general public. MCR LTER site affiliated investigators may download any publication from the MCR LTER Publications database after supplying their internal site password by clicking on the pdf link to the right of each citation. Non-MCR LTER affiliated readers wishing to read MCR LTER publications should click on the DOI link to the right of the citation. DOI links will connect the reader to the appropriate website maintained by the publisher for that citation. In most cases, the journal website will provide the abstract of the requested citation to the reader for free. If a reader desires a copy of a MCR LTER publication in its entirety and cannot access the full publication using the publishing journal's website, please send a request to Dr. Andrew Brooks and a pdf copy of the desired publication will be e-mailed to you. Please make sure that all e-mails contain the full citation for any requested publication. U.S. copywrite laws prohibit the MCR LTER site from making many MCR LTER site publications directly available to members of the public without the publishing journals explicit permission.