MCR Policies

MCR Exec Committee

The MCR LTER Community Philosophy

The fundamental DNA of the MCR LTER program is to foster a welcoming, supportive and inclusive community that embraces the diversity of our society so that diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences power excellence in our core research and training missions.  The MCR LTER Code of Conduct is intended to help promote an inclusive and nurturing culture by prohibiting all forms of harassment, intimidation, intolerance and disrespect for any reason.

Members of the MCR LTER Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

Rebecca Vega-Thurber, Oregon State University (Chair)
Andrew Brooks, UC Santa Barbara (MCR Deputy Director)
Samantha Davis, UC Santa Barbara (MCR Education and Outreach Representative)
Dana Cook, UC Santa Barbara (Graduate Student Representative)

In addition, the Executive Committee of the Moorea Coral Reef Long Term Ecological Research site has developed several policy documents to assist with program management and governance.  These policies can be found listed here.

Members of the MCR LTER Executive Committee

Russell Schmitt, UC Santa Barbara (Lead PI and Chair)
Robert Carpenter, CU Northridge (Co-PI)
Peter Edmunds, CU Northridge (Co-PI)
Sally Holbrook, UC Santa Barbara (Co-PI)

Thomas Adam, UC Santa Barbara (Investigator)
Allice Alldredge, UC Santa Barbara (Investigator)
Cherie Briggs, UC Santa Barbara (Investigator)
Andrew Brooks, UC Santa Barbara (Investigator and Ex Officio)
Deron Burkepile, UC Santa Barbara (Investigator)
Dana Cook, UC Santa Barbara, (Graduate Student)
Gastil Gastil-Buhl, UC Santa Barbara (IM and Ex Officio)
James Hench, Duke University (Investigator)
Craig Nelson, University of Hawaii (Investigator)
Hollie Putnam, University of Rhode Island (Investigator)
Rebecca Vega-Thurber, Oregon State University (Investigator)
Kelly Wong, CSU Northridge (Graduate Student)