Affiliation Areas of Research Phone Email
Jake Allgeier University of Michigan Role of fish derived nutrients in coral reef ecosystems Email
Scott Bainbridge Australian Institute of Marine Science Coral reef sensor networks
Marissa Baskett UC Davis Ecological modeling Email
Steeve Comeau University of Western Australia Impacts of climate change on calcium carbonate budgets of coral reefs Email
Ross Cunning University of Miami Coral symbiosis ecology and modelling 305 421-4357 Email
Tung-Yung "Tony" Fan National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Taiwan) Coral reef sensor networks
Melanie Fewings U of Connecticut Physical oceanography & modeling 860 405-9080 Email
Tony Fountain SDSC / CalIT2 Sensor Network Middleware
Erik Franklin U Hawaii / HIMB Coral reef ecology & informatics 808 236-7466 Email
Dan Holstein Duke University Population connectivity modeling 252 504-7636 Email
Debora Iglesias-Rodriguez UC Santa Barbara Biological oceanography 805 893-4680 Email
David Jacobs UC Los Angeles Coral reef paleontology
Geoff Jones James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Mohsen Kayal UC Santa Barbara Coral community resilience Email
Michel Kulbiki Institut de Recherche pour le Developpement (IRD) (France) Ecology of Reef Fishes
Matthieu Leray Smithsonian, Post-Doctoral Scholar Genomics of coral reef organisms
Fang-Pang Lin National Center for High-speed Computing (Taiwan) Coral reef sensor networks
Sally MacIntyre UC Santa Barbara Hydrodynamics & ecosystem ecology 805 893-3951 Email
Vanessa Messmer James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Chris Meyer Smithsonian Genomics of coral reef organisms
Phil Munday James Cook University (Australia) Ecology of reef fishes
Margaret O'Brien UC Santa Barbara SBC-LTER Information Manager 805 893-2071 Email
Serge Planes CRIOBE (France) Genomics of coral reef organisms
Emily Rivest UC Santa Barbara Ocean acidification and ecological physiology 804 684-7942 Email
Johanna Rosman UNC Chapel Hill Shallow water physical oceanography
Andy Shantz Pennsylvania State University Impacts of nutrients on coral reef mutualisms Email
Wade Sheldon University of Georgia GCE-LTER Information Manager 706 542-5955 Email
Mark Steele CSU Northridge Ecology of marine fishes 818 677-3340 Email
Susan Williams UC Davis Nutrient dynamics in reef environments 707 875-1950 Email