Affiliation Areas of Research Phone Email
Tom Adam UC Santa Barbara Community ecology of coral reefs 805 893-7625 Email
Alice Alldredge UC Santa Barbara (Emerita) Zooplankton ecology 805 893-3997 Email
Giacomo Bernardi UC Santa Cruz Population genetics of fishes 831 459-5124 Email
Cherie Briggs UC Santa Barbara Theoretical ecology and systems biology 805 893-2199 Email
Andrew Brooks UC Santa Barbara Population and community ecology of reef fishes / MCR Diving and Boating Safety Officer 805 893-7670 Email
Deron Burkepile UC Santa Barbara Community ecology of coral reefs 805 893-3067 Email
Craig Carlson UC Santa Barbara Marine microbial ecology / organic cycling 805 893-2541 Email
Mark Hay Georgia Institute of Technology Chemical Ecology, Reef Ecology, Consumer-Prey Interactions 404 894-8429 Email
Jim Hench Duke University Shallow water physical oceanography 650 759-6639 Email
James Leichter UC San Diego Physical - biological coupling 858 822-5330 Email
Hunter Lenihan UC Santa Barbara Marine stressor - demography linkages 805 893-8629 Email
Stephane Maritorena UC Santa Barbara Remote sensing of coral reefs & ocean waters 805 893-4308 Email
Craig Nelson University of Hawai'i at Manoa Marine microbial ecology and organic cycling 808 956-0566 Email
Roger Nisbet UC Santa Barbara Ecological modeling 805 893-7115 Email
Hollie Putnam University of Rhode Island Coral ecophysiology and epigenetics 401 874-9510 Email
Rob Toonen U Hawaii / HIMB Biogeographic patterns with genetics 808 236-7401 Email
Rebecca Vega-Thurber Oregon State University Environmental microbiology 541 737-1851 Email
Libe Washburn UC Santa Barbara Coastal physical oceanography 805 893-7367 Email