Post Doctoral Associates & Researchers

Affiliation Areas of Research Advisor Email
Cody Clements Georgia Institute of Technology How local and global changes reshape ecological interactions and the implications of these changes for ecosystem function and management. Mark Hay Email
Mary Donovan UC Santa Barbara Applied coral reef ecology Deron Burkepile Email
Steve Doo CSU Northridge Ecophysiology of calcifying organisms, coral reef metabolism Robert Carpenter Email
Leila Ezzat UC Santa Barbara/Oregon State University Impacts of anthropogenic forcing on trophic interactions in coral reef ecosystems Deron Burkepile Email
Caitlin Fong CSU Northridge Benthic community ecology Robert Carpenter Email
Anna James UC Santa Barbara Microbial Oceanography Craig Carlson Email
Chiara Pisapia CSU Northridge Drivers of coral reef recovery after disturbance Robert Carpenter Email
Georgios Tsounis CSU Northridge Community ecology of corals Email