UC Santa Barbara

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9620

Research Area

Ecological physiology of marine invertebrates

Gretchen Hofmann - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
2018 Host and symbionts in Pocillopora damicornis larvae display different transcriptomic responses to ocean acidification and warming. Journal Article
2017 Lipid consumption in coral larvae differs among sites: a consideration of environmental history in a global ocean change scenario. Journal Article
2016 Beyond the benchtop and the benthos: dataset management planning and design for time series of ocean carbonate chemistry associated with Durafet-based pH sensors Journal Article
2015 Effects of temperature and pCO2 on lipid use and biological parameters of planulae of Pocillopora damicornis. Journal Article
2014 Responses of the metabolism of the larvae of Pocillopora damicornis to ocean acidification and warming. Journal Article
2014 Calcification in a changing ocean: Perspectives on a virtual symposium in the Biological Bulletin. Journal Article
2013 Taking the pulse of marine ecosystems: The importance of coupling long-term physical and biological observations in the context of global change biology. Journal Article
2013 Energetic consequences of ocean acidification and warming for coral larvae. Conference Proceeding
2011 High-frequency dynamics of ocean pH: a multi-ecosystem comparison. Journal Article
2010 Living in the now: Physiological mechanisms to tolerate a rapidly changing environment. Journal Article
2010 The effect of ocean acidification on calcifying organisms in marine ecosystems: an organism to ecosystem perspective. Journal Article