National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (Taiwan)
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Coral reef sensor networks

Tung-Yung "Tony" Fan - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
2017 Lipid consumption in coral larvae differs among sites: a consideration of environmental history in a global ocean change scenario. Journal Article
2017 Plasticity in lunar timing of larval release of two brooding pocilloporid corals in an internal tide-induced upwelling reef. Journal Article
2015 Towards automated annotation of benthic survey images: Variability of human experts and operational modes of automation. Journal Article
2015 Geographic variation in long-term trajectories of change in coral recruitment: a global-to-local perspective. Journal Article
2015 Using demographic models to project the effects of climate change on scleractinian corals: Pocillopora damicornis as a case study Journal Article
2014 Persistence and change in community composition of reef corals through past, present, and future climates Journal Article
2014 Ocean acidification has no effect on thermal bleaching in the coral Seriatopora caliendrum. Journal Article
2013 Effects of exposure duration on the response of Pocillopora damicornis larvae to elevated temperature and high pCO2. Journal Article
2013 Evidence that high pCO2 affects coral recruits through perturbed protein metabolism. Conference Proceeding
2013 Brooded coral larvae differ in their response to high temperature and elevated pCO2 depending on the day of release. Journal Article
2013 Metabolic costs of larval settlement and metamorphosis in the coral Seriatopora caliendrum under ambient and elevated pCO2. Journal Article
2013 Physiological acclimation to elevated temperature in a reef-building coral from an upwelling environment. Journal Article
2013 The physiological and molecular responses of larvae from the reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis exposed to near-future increases in temperatures and pCO2. Journal Article
2013 The role of light in mediating the effects of ocean acidification on coral calcification. Journal Article
2013 Energetic consequences of ocean acidification and warming for coral larvae. Conference Proceeding