UC Santa Barbara

Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106

Research Area

Community ecology of coral reefs

Deron Burkepile - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
In Press Responses of coastal ecosystems to climate change: insights from long-term ecological research. Journal Article
2022 Size-dependent mortality of corals during marine heatwave erodes recovery capacity of coral reef. Journal Article
2022 Nitrate enrichment has lineage specific effects on Pocillopora acuta adults, but no transgenerational effects in planulae. Journal Article
2022 Priority effects in coral-macroalgae interactions can drive alternate community paths in the absence of top-down control. Journal Article
2021 Chronic low-level nutrient enrichment benefits coral thermal performance in a fore reef habitat. Journal Article
2021 Landscape-scale patterns of nutrient enrichment in a coral reef ecosystem: Implications for coral to algae phase shifts. Journal Article
2021 A view from both ends: shifts in herbivore assemblages impact top-down and bottom-up processes on coral reefs. Journal Article
2021 Local conditions magnify coral loss following marine heatwaves. Journal Article
2021 Complex interactions with nutrients and sediment alter the effects of predation on a reef-building coral. Journal Article
2021 Thermal stress interacts with surgeonfish feces to increase coral susceptibility to dysbiosis and reduce tissue regeneration. Journal Article
2021 Phylogenetic conservatism drives nutrient dynamics of coral reef fishes. Journal Article
2021 Corallivory varies with water depth to influence the growth of Acropora hyacinthus, a reef-forming coral. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen pollution interacts with heat stress to increase coral bleaching across the seascape. Journal Article
2020 Parrotfish predation drives distinct microbial communities in reef-building corals. Journal Article
2020 Coral microbiomes demonstrate flexibility and resilience through a reduction in community diversity following a thermal stress event. Journal Article
2020 Macroborer presence on corals increases nutrient input and promotes parrotfish bioerosion. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen identity drives differential impacts of nutrients on coral bleaching and mortality. Journal Article
2019 Different nitrogen sources speed recovery from corallivory and uniquely alter the microbiome of a reef-building coral. Journal Article
2019 Surgeonfish feces increase microbial opportunism in reef-building corals. Journal Article
2019 Multiple stressors interact primarily through antagonism to drive changes in the coral microbiome. Journal Article
2019 Corallivory in the Anthropocene: Interactive anthropogenic stressors and corallivory on coral reefs. Journal Article
2018 Estimates of fish and coral larvae as nutrient subsidies to coral reef ecosystems. Journal Article
2017 Animal pee in the sea: consumer-mediated nutrient dynamics in the world's changing oceans. Journal Article
2016 Nutrient loading alters the performance of key nutrient exchange mutualisms Journal Article
2014 Unprecedented evidence for high viral abundance and lytic activity in coral reef waters of the South Pacific Ocean. Journal Article