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Community ecology of fishes

Sally Holbrook - Publications

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2022 Spatial co-variation in nutrient enrichment and fishing of herbivores in an oceanic coral reef ecosystem. Journal Article
2022 How do fishers responses to macroalgal overgrowth influence the resilience of coral reefs? Journal Article
2022 Priority effects in coral-macroalgae interactions can drive alternate community paths in the absence of top-down control. Journal Article
2022 Who is perturbed by ecological perturbations? Marine scientists and Polynesian fishers understandings of a Crown-Of-Thorns Starfish outbreak. Book Chapter
2022 Evaluating the precariousness of coral recovery when coral and macroalgae are alternative basins of attraction. Journal Article
2022 Long-term ecological research and the COVID-19 anthropause: A window to understanding social-ecological disturbance. Journal Article
2021 Resilience: insights from the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network. Journal Article
2021 Hedonic evaluation of coral reef fish prices on a direct sale market. Journal Article
2021 Landscape-scale patterns of nutrient enrichment in a coral reef ecosystem: Implications for coral to algae phase shifts. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen pollution interacts with heat stress to increase coral bleaching across the seascape. Journal Article
2020 Coral microbiomes demonstrate flexibility and resilience through a reduction in community diversity following a thermal stress event. Journal Article
2020 Perceptions and responses of Pacific Island fishers to changing coral reefs. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen identity drives differential impacts of nutrients on coral bleaching and mortality. Journal Article
2020 Coral reef monitoring by scuba divers using underwater photogrammetry and geodetic surveying. Journal Article
2019 Potential feedback between coral presence and farmerfish collective behavior promotes coral recovery. Journal Article
2019 Dietary partitioning promotes the coexistence of planktivorous species on coral reefs. Journal Article
2019 Experimental support for alternative attractors on coral reefs Journal Article
2018 Predicting coral community dynamics using multi-species population dynamics models. Journal Article
2018 Critical information gaps impeding understanding of the role of larval connectivity among coral reef islands in an era of global change. Journal Article
2018 Recruitment Drives Spatial Variation in Recovery Rates of Resilient Coral Reefs. Journal Article
2018 Macroalgae size refuge promotes alternative stable states on coral reefs. Journal Article
2018 High resolution topobathymetry using a Pleiades-1 triplet: Moorea Island in 3D. Journal Article
2018 Very high resolution mapping of coral reef state using airborne bathymetric LiDAR surface-intensity and drone imagery. Journal Article
2018 Collective aggressiveness of an ecosystem engineer is associated with coral recovery. Journal Article
2016 Complexities and uncertainties in transitioning small-scale coral reef fisheries Journal Article
2016 Kelp forests, coral reefs and the LTER Program: Synergies and impacts on a scientific career. Book Chapter
2016 Accuracy assessment of underwater photogrammetric three dimensional modelling for coral reefs Conference Proceeding
2016 Response of herbivore functional groups to sequential perturbations in Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2016 Coral reef resilience, tipping points and the strength of herbivory Journal Article
2016 Simulating social-ecological systems: the Island Digital Ecosytem Avatars (IDEA) consortium. Journal Article
2016 Spatial patterns of self-recruitment of a coral reef fish in relation to island-scale retention mechanisms Journal Article
2015 Hydrodynamics influence coral performance through simultaneous direct and indirect effects. Journal Article
2015 Reef fishes in biodiversity hotspots are at greatest risk from loss of coral species. Journal Article
2014 How will coral reef fish communities respond to climate-driven disturbances? Insight from landscape-scale perturbations. Journal Article
2014 Predation and landscape characteristics independently affect reef fish community organization. Journal Article
2013 Stable isotopes reveal trophic relationships and diet of consumers in temperate kelp forest and coral reef ecosystems. Journal Article
2013 Skeletal growth of four scleractinian corals is not enhanced by in situ mesozooplankton enrichment. Journal Article
2013 Determinants of the onset and strength of mutualistic interactions between branching corals and associate crabs. Journal Article
2013 Biological and physical interactions on a tropical island coral reef: Transport and retention processes on Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2013 How SCUBA changed our understanding of nature: underwater breakthroughs in reef fish ecology. Journal Article
2012 Full-sibs in cohorts of newly settled coral reef fishes. Journal Article
2012 Larger female fish contribute disproportionately more to self-replenishment. Journal Article
2012 CREON-Integrating disparate sources of remote coral reef sensor data. Conference Proceeding
2011 Indirect effects of species interactions on habitat provisioning. Journal Article
2011 Herbivory, connectivity and ecosystem resilience: response of a coral reef to a large-scale perturbation Journal Article
2011 Fish communities on staghorn coral: effects of habitat characteristics and resident farmerfishes. Journal Article
2011 Analysis of abrupt transitions in ecological systems. Journal Article
2011 Influence of corallivory, competition, and habitat structure on coral community shifts. Journal Article
2011 Habitat biodiversity as a determinant of fish community structure on coral reefs. Journal Article
2010 An international network of coral reef ecosystem observing systems (I-CREOS) Book Chapter
2010 Allopatric divergence and speciation in coral reef fish: the three-spot dascyllus, Dascyllus trimaculatus, species complex. Journal Article
2010 Crucial knowledge gaps in current understanding of climate change impacts on coral reef fishes Journal Article
2009 The role of microhabitat preference and social organization in determining the spatial distribution of a coral reef fish Journal Article
2009 Isolation and characterization of 13 polymorphic nuclear microsatellite primers for the widespread Indo-Pacific three-spot damselfish, Dascyllus trimaculatus, and closely related D. auripinnis Journal Article
2009 Intraguild predation in a structured habitat: distinguishing multiple-predator effects from competitor effects Journal Article
2009 Digital Moorea cyberinfrastructure for coral reef monitoring Conference Proceeding
2009 Isolation and characterization of eight polymorphic microsatellite markers from the orange-fin anemonefish, Amphiprion chrysopterus Journal Article
2008 Effects of sheltering fish on growth of their host corals Journal Article
2008 Resistance and resilience of a coral reef fish community to changes in coral cover Journal Article
2007 Patterns of microhabitat use by fishes in the patch-forming coral Porites rus Journal Article
2007 The use of LED light lures to enhance larval settlement of coral reef fish Book Chapter
2007 The scale and cause of spatial heterogeneity in strength of temporal density dependence Journal Article
2007 Predicting the magnitude of temporal variation in young-of-year class strength of surfperch (Teleostei : Embiotocidae) Journal Article
2006 Relationships between live coral cover and reef fishes: implications for predicting effects of environmental disturbances Conference Proceeding
2006 Developmental delays, recruitment storage and adult attrition rates in local populations of a tropical damselfish Conference Proceeding
2006 Symbiotic crabs maintain coral health by clearing sediments Journal Article
2005 Growth, reproduction and survival of a tropical sea anemone (Actiniaria): benefits of hosting anemonefish Journal Article

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