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Community ecology of coral reefs

Tom Adam - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
2022 Spatial co-variation in nutrient enrichment and fishing of herbivores in an oceanic coral reef ecosystem. Journal Article
2022 How do fishers responses to macroalgal overgrowth influence the resilience of coral reefs? Journal Article
2022 Priority effects in coral-macroalgae interactions can drive alternate community paths in the absence of top-down control. Journal Article
2022 Evaluating the precariousness of coral recovery when coral and macroalgae are alternative basins of attraction. Journal Article
2022 Size-dependent mortality of corals during marine heatwave erodes recovery capacity of coral reef. Journal Article
2021 Chronic low-level nutrient enrichment benefits coral thermal performance in a fore reef habitat. Journal Article
2021 Landscape-scale patterns of nutrient enrichment in a coral reef ecosystem: Implications for coral to algae phase shifts. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen identity drives differential impacts of nutrients on coral bleaching and mortality. Journal Article
2020 Coral microbiomes demonstrate flexibility and resilience through a reduction in community diversity following a thermal stress event. Journal Article
2020 Nitrogen pollution interacts with heat stress to increase coral bleaching across the seascape. Journal Article
2019 Why more comparative approaches are required for time-series analyses of coral reef ecosystems. Journal Article
2019 Experimental support for alternative attractors on coral reefs Journal Article
2018 Recruitment Drives Spatial Variation in Recovery Rates of Resilient Coral Reefs. Journal Article
2018 Macroalgae size refuge promotes alternative stable states on coral reefs. Journal Article
2016 Coral reef resilience, tipping points and the strength of herbivory Journal Article
2016 Response of herbivore functional groups to sequential perturbations in Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2014 How will coral reef fish communities respond to climate-driven disturbances? Insight from landscape-scale perturbations. Journal Article
2013 Ecology and evolution affect network structure in an intimate marine mutualism. Journal Article
2013 Genetic evidence for regional isolation of Pocillopora corals from Moorea. Journal Article
2012 Mutualistic cleaner fish initiate trait-mediated indirect interactions on coral reefs by influencing the behavior of coral predators. Journal Article
2012 Patterns of resource-use and competition for mutualistic partners between two species of obligate cleaner fish. Journal Article
2011 High quality habitat and facilitation ameliorate competitive effects of prior residents on new settlers. Journal Article
2011 Herbivory, connectivity and ecosystem resilience: response of a coral reef to a large-scale perturbation Journal Article
2010 Cooperation in a cleaner fish mutualism and its ecological implications Thesis or Dissertation
2010 Competition encourages cooperation: client fish receive higher quality service when cleaner fish compete Journal Article
2010 Phylogeny and character evolution in the Indo-Pacific genus Ctenogobiops (Gobiiformes:Gobiidae) Journal Article

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