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Research Area

Physical - biological coupling

James Leichter - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
In Press Niche difference in co-occurring cryptic coral species (Pocillopora spp.). Journal Article
2021 Response diversity in corals: hidden differences in bleaching mortality among cryptic Pocillopora species. Journal Article
2020 An island mass effect resolved near Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2020 Heat accumulation on coral reefs mitigated by internal waves. Journal Article
2018 Critical information gaps impeding understanding of the role of larval connectivity among coral reef islands in an era of global change. Journal Article
2016 Assessment of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) as a source of dissolved radium and nutrients to Moorea (French Polynesia) coastal waters Journal Article
2016 Spatial scale-dependent vertical zonation of coral reef community structure in French Polynesia. Journal Article
2016 Non-random feeding enhances the contribution of oceanic zooplankton to the diet of the planktivorous coral reef fish Dascyllus flavicaudus Journal Article
2016 Ecological and genetic variation in reef-building corals on four Society Islands. Journal Article
2016 Simulating social-ecological systems: the Island Digital Ecosytem Avatars (IDEA) consortium. Journal Article
2014 Regional synchrony of tempertaure variation and internal wave forcing along the Florida Keys reef tract. Journal Article
2013 Influence of coral and algal exudates on microbially mediated reef metabolism. Journal Article
2013 Biological and physical interactions on a tropical island coral reef: Transport and retention processes on Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2012 The island-scale internal wave climate of Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2011 Effects of coral reef benthic primary producers on dissolved organic carbon and microbial activity. Journal Article
2010 Landscape-scale variation in coral recruitment in Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2008 Episodic circulation and exchange in a wave-driven coral reef and lagoon system Journal Article
2007 Internal waves Book Chapter

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