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Coral ecophysiology and epigenetics

Hollie Putnam - Publications

Year Citations Publication Type Links
2021 Chronic low-level nutrient enrichment benefits coral thermal performance in a fore reef habitat. Journal Article
2020 Science-based approach to using growth rate to assess coral performance and restoration outcomes Journal Article
2018 A framework for identifying and characterizing coral-reef "oases" against a backdrop of degradation. Journal Article
2017 The vulnerability and resilience of reef building corals. Journal Article
2017 The Coral Trait Database, a curated database of trait information for coral species from the global oceans. Journal Article
2017 Rapid adaptive responses to climate change in corals. Journal Article
2017 Shifting paradigms in restoration of the world’s coral reefs. Journal Article
2017 Effects of temperature and pCO2 on population regualtion of Symbiodinium spp. in a tropical reef coral. Journal Article
2017 Correspondence of coral holobiont metabolome with symbiotic bacteria, archaea and Symbiodinium communities. Journal Article
2016 Ocean acidification influences DNA methylation and phenotypic plasticity in environmentally susceptible corals Journal Article
2016 Metabolomic signatures of increases in temperature and ocean acidification from the reef-building coral, Pocillopora damicornis Journal Article
2016 Ocean acidification influences DNA methylation and phenotypic plasticity in environmentally susceptible corals Journal Article
2016 The Coral Traits Database, a curated database of trait information for coral species from the global oceans Journal Article
2015 Building coral reef resilience through assisted evolution. Journal Article
2015 Preconditioning in the reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis and the potential for trans-generational acclimatization in coral larvae under future climate change conditions. Journal Article
2015 Species-specific differences in thermal tolerance may define susceptibility to intracellular acidosis in reef corals. Journal Article
2014 Intracellular pH and its response to CO2-driven seawater acidification in symbiotic versus non-symbiotic coral cells. Journal Article
2014 Multi-gene analysis of Symbiodinium dinoflagellates: a perspective on rarity, symbiosis, and evolution. Journal Article
2014 Pacific-wide contrast highlights resistance of reef calcifiers to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2014 Persistence and change in community composition of reef corals through past, present, and future climates Journal Article
2014 Long-term changes in Symbiodinium communities in Orbicella annularis in St. John, US Virgin Islands Journal Article
2014 Evaluating the causal basis of ecological success within the scleractinia: an integral projection model approach Journal Article
2013 The physiological and molecular responses of larvae from the reef-building coral Pocillopora damicornis exposed to near-future increases in temperatures and pCO2. Journal Article
2013 Symbiotic specificity, association patterns, and function determine community responses to global changes: Defining critical research areas for coral-Symbiodinium symbioses. Journal Article
2012 Endosymbiotic flexibility associates with environmental sensitivity in scleractinian corals. Journal Article
2012 Photophysiological consequences of vertical stratification of Symbiodinium in tissue of the coral Porites lutea Journal Article
2012 GeoSymbio: A hybrid, cloud-based web application of global geospatial bioinformatics and ecoinformatics for Symbiodinium-host symbioses. Journal Article
2012 Transmission mode predicts specificity and interaction patterns in coral-Symbiodinium networks. Journal Article
2012 Resilience and acclimatization potential of reef corals under predicted climate change stressors. Thesis or Dissertation
2012 Identifying and characterizing alternative molecular markers for the symbiotic and free-living dinoflagellate genus Symbiodinium. Journal Article
2012 The effects of a variable temperature regime on the physiology of the reef-building coral Seriatopora hystrix: results from a laboratory-based reciprocal transplant. Journal Article
2011 Benchmarks in organism performance and their use in comparative analyses. Journal Article
2011 The physiological response of reef corals to diel fluctuations in seawater temperature. Journal Article
2011 Rapid development of a hybrid web application for synthesis science of Symbiodinium with Google Apps. Conference Proceeding
2010 Effect of a fluctuating thermal regime on adult and larval reef corals Journal Article
2009 Responses of coral hosts and their algal symbionts to thermal heterogeneity Conference Proceeding
2008 Effect of temperature on the settlement choice and photophysiology of larvae from the reef coral Stylophora pistillata Journal Article
2008 The effects of temperature fluctuations on coral physiology. Thesis or Dissertation