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Coral reef metabolism, ocean acidification

Robert Carpenter - Publications

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2021 Stony coral populations are more sensitive to changes in vital rates in disturbed environments. Journal Article
2021 Landscape-scale patterns of nutrient enrichment in a coral reef ecosystem: Implications for coral to algae phase shifts. Journal Article
2021 Resilience: insights from the U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network. Journal Article
2021 Susan Lynn Williams: the life of an exceptional scholar, leader, and friend (1951-2018). Journal Article
2020 Prior exposure to elevated pCO2 does not affect calcification of a tropical scleractinian when returned to ambient pCO2. Journal Article
2020 Epifaunal invertebrate assemblages associated with branching Pocilloporids in Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2020 Complex interactions among stressors evolve over time to drive shifts from short turfs to macroalgae on tropical reefs. Journal Article
2020 Extreme rainfall events pulse nutrients and sediments from terrestrial nearshore coastal communities: a case study from French Polynesia. Journal Article
2020 Shallow coral reef free ocean carbon enrichment: Novel in situ flumes to manipulate pCO2 on shallow tropical coral reef communities. Journal Article
2020 Year-long effects of high pCO2 on the community structure of a tropical fore reef assembled in outdoor flumes. Journal Article
2019 Resistance to ocean acidification in coral reef taxa is not gained by acclimatization. Journal Article
2019 Changes in coral reef community structure in response to year‑long incubations under contrasting pCO2 regimes. Journal Article
2019 Ocean acidification effects on in situ coral reef metabolism. Journal Article
2019 Ocean acidification reduces net calcification and wound healing in the tropical crustose coralline alga, Porolithon onkodes (Corallinales, Rhodophyta). Journal Article
2019 Contrasting responses of photosynthesis and photochemical efficiency to ocean acidification under different light environments in a calcifying alga. Journal Article
2019 Global biogeography of coral recruitment: tropical decline and subtropical increase Journal Article
2018 Nitrogen enrichment offsets direct negative effects of ocean acidification on a reef-building crustose coralline alga. Journal Article
2018 Recruitment Drives Spatial Variation in Recovery Rates of Resilient Coral Reefs. Journal Article
2018 Responses of coral reef community metabolism in flumes to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2018 Obligate ectosymbionts increase the physiological resilience of a scleractinian coral to high temperature an elevated pCO2. Journal Article
2018 Critical information gaps impeding understanding of the role of larval connectivity among coral reef islands in an era of global change. Journal Article
2017 Daily variation in net primary production and net calcification in coral reef communities exposed to elevated pCO2. Journal Article
2017 Effects of pCO2 on photosynthesis and respiration of tropical scleractinian corals and calcified algae Journal Article
2017 Differential growth responses to water flow and reduced pH in tropical marine macroalgae. Journal Article
2017 Organisms composing an experimenta coral reef community from Mo'orea, French Polynesia, exhibit taxon-specific net production: net calcification ratios. Journal Article
2017 Coral calcifying fluid pH is modulated by seawater carbon chemistry not solely seawater pH Journal Article
2017 Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) sediment dissolution under elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrate (NO3-) Journal Article
2016 Integrating the effects of ocean acidification across functional scales on tropical coral reefs. Journal Article
2016 Integrating the effects of ocean acidification across functional scales on tropical coral reefs. Journal Article
2016 Intraspecific variability in the response to ocean warming and acidification in the scleractinian coral Acropora pulchra Journal Article
2016 Parameterization of the response of calcification to temperature and pCO2 in the coral Acropora pulchra and the alga Lithophyllum kotschyanum. Journal Article
2015 Geographic variation in long-term trajectories of change in coral recruitment: a global-to-local perspective. Journal Article
2015 Ocean acidification accelerates dissolution of experimental coral reef communities. Journal Article
2015 Understanding ocean acidification on organismal to ecological scales. Journal Article
2015 Water flow influences the mechanisms and outcomes of interactions between massive Porites and coral reef algae. Journal Article
2014 Effects of irradiance on the response of the coral Acropora pulchra and the calcifying alga Hydrolithon reinboldii to temperature elevation and ocean acidification Journal Article
2014 Water flow modulates the response of coral reef communities to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2014 The effects of water flow and sedimentation on interactions between massive Porites and algal turf. Journal Article
2014 Fast coral reef calcifiers are more sensitive to ocean acidification in short-term laboratory incubations Journal Article
2014 Persistence and change in community composition of reef corals through past, present, and future climates Journal Article
2014 Distributions of coral reef macroalgae in a back reef habitat in Moorea, French Polynesia Journal Article
2014 Acclimatization of the crustose coraline alga Porolithon onkodes to variable pCO2. Journal Article
2014 Diel pCO2 oscillations modulate the response of the coral Acropora hyacinthus to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2014 Pacific-wide contrast highlights resistance of reef calcifiers to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2014 Acidification and algae: do they have interactive effects on corals? Conference Proceeding
2013 Response to: Coral reef calcification: carbonate, bicarbonate and proton flux under conditions of increasing ocean acidification. Journal Article
2013 Biological and physical interactions on a tropical island coral reef: Transport and retention processes on Moorea, French Polynesia. Journal Article
2013 Water-flow mediated oxygen dynamics within massive Porites-algal turf interactions. Journal Article
2013 The responses of eight coral reef calcifiers to increasing partial pressure of CO2 do not exhibit a tipping point. Journal Article
2013 Sources of organic carbon to coral reef flats. Journal Article
2013 Effects of feeding and light intensity on the response of the coral Porites rus to ocean acidification. Journal Article
2013 Understanding the threats of ocean acidification to coral reefs. Journal Article
2013 Coral reef calcifiers buffer their response to ocean acidification using both bicarbonate and carbonate. Journal Article
2012 Ocean acidification and warming decrease calcification in the crustose coralline alga Hydrolithon onkodes and increases susceptibility to grazing. Journal Article
2011 Herbivory, connectivity and ecosystem resilience: response of a coral reef to a large-scale perturbation Journal Article
2009 Subtidal benthic heterogeneity: flow environment modification and impacts on marine algal community structure and morphology Journal Article
2008 Macroalgal morphology mediates particle capture by the corallimorpharian Corynactis californica Journal Article
2008 Increasing relative abundance of Porites astreoides on Caribbean reefs mediated by an overall decline in coral cover Journal Article
2008 Shallow kelp canopies mediate macroalgal composition: effects on the distribution and abundance of Corynactis californica (Corallimorpharia) Journal Article
2007 Thermal ecophysiology of Laurencia pacifica and Laurencia nidifica (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) from tropical and warm-temperate regions Journal Article
2007 Seasonal acclimatization of Asparagopsis taxiformis (Rhodophyta) from different biogeographic regions Journal Article
2007 Mass transfer limitation of photosynthesis of coral reef algal turfs Journal Article
2007 Habitat-induced morphological variation influences photosynthesis and drag on the marine macroalga Pachydictyon coriaceum Journal Article
2006 Partitioning the effects of algal species identity and richness on benthic marine primary production Journal Article

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